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37lbs, caught on Avet sx raptor with 65lb JB spectra, and 30lb seaguar
fluorocarbon. This was his 2nd Blue fin & first 1.5 day trip (about 730am)

Daiwa Tanacom Bull TB750 Max Drag 48lbs Daiwa Peanut Crankbaits- Dives to 5' & is Rigged
Price: $799.99
Price: $5.29
Daiwa Tanacom Bull
Slightly smaller version of Daiwa’s TB1000, this new reel offers an oversized, stainless steel line guide making it perfect for kites or deep drop. Great size for fishing copper wire on the Great Lakes. A great choice for fishing around structure, the Daiwa Peanut triggers bass to strike as it deflects off underwater objects, like stumps or rocks. Its medium-diving bill is well constructed, allowing the Peanut to reach its desired depth and swim in a nose down position, helping it avoid snags.Floating, 5' depth, 2" long, weighs 5/16, & has (2) # 8 treble hooks
Blackwater Shock Leader - 100% Fluorocarbon - 25meter Spools (Please Select LB Rating) Owner Beast Hooks
Price: $10.50
Price: $7.99
Blackwater Owner Beast
Blackwater Shock Leader - Is 100% Fluorocarbon. This line is super clear, abrasion resistant, has greater knot stength, lower visibility under water, faster sink rate than nylon, excellent UV protection, and a high rate of elongation.  This "Shock Leader" does have a little bit of stretch in it which is beneficial for several reasons.  You definitely decrease the risk of pulling the hook due to the lack of stretch when fishing spectra to a short leader of this Blackwater. Owner Beast Hooks
(Please Select Hook Size 4/0 - 10/0)
Catchy Tackle 6oz Wahoo Bombs P-LINE CFX Leader 25 Meters
Price: $19.49
Price: $8.99
CFX Leader
Catchy Tackle has been proven to catch not only Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin and more, but the lures will also catch the eye of anglers looking to get a jump on the latest in fishing lure technology.  Want something a little bigger.  Try the 16 or 26 oz lures.. CFX Fluorocarbon Leader
(Please Select Pound 25-60)

New Products

Phenix Shad Heads
Price: $3.29
Blackwater Shock Leader - 100% Fluorocarbon - 25meter Spools (Please Select LB Rating)
Price: $10.50
P-Line Adaro Pliers - Please Select Color
Price: $39.99
Shakespear - Childrens Fishing Poles
Price: $12.99
Pro-Cure - Super Gels - 2oz Bottle
Price: $5.99