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We carry a wide variety of Big Hammer, Berkley, and AA Worms (Double Diamond) swim baits.  All work great.  If we don't have the size/color you are looking for, send us an email and we'll get it for you!
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Zap is perfect for securing all your plastic baits to the hook, rigs, or leadheads. It is durable, shock-resistant, and versatile. The specific formulas of Zap is for use on plastics. Why Zap-A-Gap? You'r bait will last longer. More Importantly, many times a bait that gets buried in structure will slid down the hook prior to swimming it back to you. Then you have to fix it, cast it out, and the same thing happens. This disturbes the swimming action and reduces strikes! Zap_A-Gap will not let your bait slide and you'll certainly get more fish hitting your plastics!