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We provide competitive pricing for our customers, we will consider all reasonable requests to match a competitors advertised price. If you locate an item on our website and you would like to inquire if we will match a price you have found on another website, please contact us by email or phone(562-371-8023) and we will do our best to match.

Please note, this is NOT a price match guarantee, it is simply an opportunity for you to approach us regarding the price of any item you have seen posted on our website. We may ask you to provide us with specific details regarding where you have located an item for a lower price, this may include providing us with specific website pages of other online retailers. Also, all of our prices are manually entered. It is possible for an incorrect price to be displayed. In most cases, we will honor the displayed price. However, we do reserve the right not sell the item at the wrong price, especially in cases where that entered price is cheaper then we can purchase the item for originally. In that case, someone will contact you regarding the correct price in an attempt to see if you still want to purchase the item. *In order to have a price match adjustment considered and or honored please use the contact form on our website or call us. If you find an identical item within 48 hrs of placing your order with us, we will still do our best to match or beat the other advertised price. You must send us an email within 48 hrs of your original order being placed.