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We carry two styles of Promar Hoop Nets - Delux Hoop Net and Eclipse Hoop Nets.  Both work great, main difference being once your catch is inside the Eclipse net, it is more difficult to escape.

1. Lights - In most cases, you are going to be using these at night:  USE some sort of light on your floats.  Either the chemical or LED (we carry both).  More times than not, there is a good current and your nets are going to move.  There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of time trying to track your nets down the entire night.  Also, a great bonus is the reflective tape - put that on your floats as well.  

2. Bait - Most common is Mackerel and Bonita works well too.  We have heard things like chicken, cat food, etc... Those might work, but you gotta ask, when are crabs/lobsters eating chicken?  The Promar Bait Cages work great and make it more difficult for your bait to escape the net.  

3. Checking Nets - We recommend soaking your nets ever 20-30 minutes, less time if using the Delux Hoop Net.  

4. Gloves - Remember you are going to be pulling a lot of rope throughout the trip.  Gloves are a must to protect your hands!

5. Permits - Be sure to have your license and your additional permit (if needed in your state).  Fines are very expensive and someone will be watching!