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We carry two styles of Promar Hoop Nets - Delux Hoop Net and Eclipse Hoop Nets.  Both work great, main difference being once your catch is inside the Eclipse net, it is more difficult to escape.

1. Lights - In most cases, you are going to be using these at night:  USE some sort of light on your floats.  Either the chemical or LED (we carry both).  More times than not, there is a good current and your nets are going to move.  There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of time trying to track your nets down the entire night.  Also, a great bonus is the reflective tape - put that on your floats as well.  

2. Bait - Most common is Mackerel and Bonita works well too.  We have heard things like chicken, cat food, etc... Those might work, but you gotta ask, when are crabs/lobsters eating chicken?  The Promar Bait Cages work great and make it more difficult for your bait to escape the net.  

3. Checking Nets - We recommend soaking your nets ever 20-30 minutes, less time if using the Delux Hoop Net.  

4. Gloves - Remember you are going to be pulling a lot of rope throughout the trip.  Gloves are a must to protect your hands!

5. Permits - Be sure to have your license and your additional permit (if needed in your state).  Fines are very expensive and someone will be watching!
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Izorline - Rubber Gloves
Price: $7.29
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Izorline - Rubber Gloves
Rubber Gloves - Izorline Fish Handling Gloves.  Great for handling your catch at the dock. Keeps your hands dry and clean. Especially great when pulling hoop nets during lobster/crab fishing.  These gloves are very durable and several of us wear them to pull nets!  Some of us also use these for hoop netting.  Works very well for pulling nets - keeps your hands dry and doesn't allow rope burns