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Jandell Dry Chum- All Purpose 1lb Jandell Dry Chum-Dry Chum Dispenser Jandell Dry Chum - Trolling/Offshore 1lb
A general purpose blend. Not as course as Trolling & Offshore and not as fine as Reef & Inshore. For use with all types of fishing. Contains a portion of each blend. Does not contain any blood meal found in the shark blend. 1lb pail, typically last approx 2-3 hrs. Heavy Duty Dispenser
Holds between 1lb - 8lbs
1lb Pail
Typically lasts 2-3 hrs
Shark Reef & Inshore Shrimp
1lb Pail
Typically lasts 2-3 hrs,
1lb Bottle
Typically last 2-3 hrs
1lb Pail
Typically lasts 2-3 hours
Jandell Dry Chum- Bait Catcher 1lb
Our Bait Catcher is fine ground to dispense quickly for attracting bait fish.

Contains all natural dried, ground and compressed bait fish solids soaked in pure Menhaden fish oil and our secret accelerator attractant formula.