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Hot Sauce Gel (Bait Attractant) - 5oz Bottle BITE-ON - ANISE BITE-ON CAJUN (CATFISH)
Price: $5.49
Hot sauce for fresh and saltwater ANISE SCENT (TROUT) CAJUN SCENT (CATFISH)
Price: $5.49
BITE-ON GARLIC UNI BUTTER - 2oz Bottle Inshore Saltwater
Price: $5.49
GARLIC SCENT (TROUT) Uni-Butter works great, never get caught without it. Apply to all artificial baits Anchovies, sardines, mullet, menhaden, shrimp, squid and ghost shrimp
Menhaden PRO-CURE GEL - ANCHOVY - 2oz BOTTLE Calico Cocktail
Stripers, bluefish and tuna love this oily scent. Made from real bunker. Pure ground up anchovies This gel is really unfair to calico bass, sand bass, spotted bay bass, halibut, etc.
Sardine Squid Trophy Musky/Pike
From salmon to stripers to albacore, tuna, bass, yellowtail, and wahoo this scent gel will produce big time for you. Real whole squid ground up into a sticky gel base. Why tip lures and jigs with real squid when this scent will outperform real strips. A killer on fluke and flounder. TROPHY MUSKY / PIKE: If you love the Musky / Pike Bait sauce this new gel is for you. Super sticky, it works great on hard bodied plugs, soft plastics, hair jigs, etc. If you think Musky don't respond to scent then you haven't used this gel.
Trophy Walley PRO-CURE GEL - SALTWATER - 2oz BOTTLE Herring
TROPHY WALLEYE: PRO-CURE's famous Trophy Walleye blend is now available in super gel. It's perfect for stick baits, plugs, spoons, spinners, etc. If you kicked butt using the Bait Sauce or Bait Butter you're gonna love this stuff. Incredible! A terrific all around scent blend for most salt water game fish. Real ground up bait with just a hint of anise. Real ground up herring in a super easy to use gel formula.
Bloody Tuna Butt Juice Oil Shrimp
A blend of real dark tuna meat, tuna powder, and tuna oil 2oz Bottle - BUTT JUICE OIL:  A high performance 'heavy liquid' scent blend for halibut and bottom fish. Use to inject into baits, or to marinade baits in. Special emulsion sinks like a rock, then breaks up and crawls along the bottom to bring in big fish from a long way off. A blend of powerful fish oils, salmon egg juice, bite stimulants and fish attractants. A big time halibut product. SAND SHRIMP: (Ghost Shrimp) - Real whole ground up sand shrimp make this new gel a 'no brainer' for serious salmon and steelhead guys. Works great on plugs, spoons, spinners, jig heads, yarn, etc. A killer trout and kokanee scent too. Perfect for swim baits and plastics grubs in the surf for perch, flounder, etc.
Flounder Pounder Smelt PRO-CURE GEL - BUTT JUICE - 2oz BOTTLE
FLOUNDER POUNDER OIL:  What a perfect name! This scent has produced very well for fluke, flounder, and bottom fish. This is a fish oil blend that is heavy on squid oil. Works well from the west to east coast! If your target fish is feeding on smelt this scent is for you. Perfect for plugs, spoons, wobblers, etc. Designed to use on large scampies, jigs, Mud Rakers for halibut, ling cod and bottom fish.
Trophy Trout PRO-CURE GEL - SARDINE - 2oz BOTTLE Rainbow Trout
Perfect for giant browns and rainbows that feed on these fish. Since chubs are found in most streams and lakes this scent is very effective for musky, pike, walleye steelhead, etc. SARDINE: Pure raw sardine oil, the most powerful available anywhere. This stuff is a favorite of salmon anglers, striper guys, and works fantastic on Power bait for trout. Just about anything that swims will eat this oil. Big Time stuff. Made from real fresh bait, then super charged with powerful amino acids and bite stimulants.
Made from real octopus, if your fish like to octopus they will like this scent