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E-Z Weight Sliding Sinkers - Sliding Sinker 3 oz (2-Pack)
E-Z Weight Sliding Sinkers - Sliding Sinker 3 oz (2-Pack)

Price: $3.50


Ez-Weights Sliding Sinker
EZ Weights are the easiest egg shaped sinkers in the world to use. They can be attached or removed from your line at anytime. Simply put the line into the slot and twist the insert to lock the line in the groove and you're ready to go. This still allows the weight to slide up and down on the line . If you want a lighter or heavier sliding sinker, no need to remove your hook. Just a quick twist, the weight comes free, add your new weight, a quick twist, and your weight it locked on ready to fish!

You can literally remove one weight and have the next weight on your line within seconds. This is extremely convenient when changing to a heavier or lighter weight. There is absolutely no need to cut your hook off to make a change in weight!

All you do is line up line with the opening in the weight. Insert the line then twist the small dial at the end (shown above). Your weight is now locked onto your line but still Freely slides up and down just like any other sliding sinker.

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