Promar Eclipse Hoop Net & Eclipse Kit (8-pack)
Promar Eclipse Hoop Net - Rigged
Rigged Eclipse Net

Price: $445.00

Promar Eclipse Hoop Net Item # NE-108 - Rigged
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Dont forget your glow sticks or reflection tape...
This innovatively is designed with 3 concentric rings, the Promar Eclipse Hoop Net features a smaller 20" ring on top with a larger 36" base ring and a 10" bait pouch ring in the center of the net. This reverse hoop net stands on 4 solid-steel rods which can be easily detached, collapsing the hoop net for easy storage. This design is extremely effective in preventing the escape of your catch during retrieval. These nets also feature the patented Promar Bait Pouch in the center. These Eclipse nets as as close to a trap as you can get without being cited by Fish and Game. It's 36 inches in width and 20" high, and with the sides angling back inward the bugs really will be more likely to remain in the net by the time you pull 'em up to the boat. The bugs usually back-up when they frightened. With these, they backup and are still contained in your Hoop Net. These are not considered a trap by Fish & Game because the bugs can climb over and out. Please note, our free shipping policy does not apply to oversized items such as lobster/crab nets and there will be a charge associated with these items. Hoop Nets are expensive to ship due to the oversize/weight. It is recommended that you purchase more than one hoop net at a time. Besides, greatly increasing the success of your catch, this will help with the overall shipping cost. Please check your local regulations regarding maximum nets to be used. Shipping of these nets is typically about $20-60 for the case UPS ground service. Purchasing less then the case, does not help much in the shipping costs due to the over size box. (approx 36" x 36"). If a case is purchased, we will help absorb some of the shipping costs to cut down on your overall purchase price. One of our employees will contact you prior to shipment and tell you the shipping fee that we have to charge prior to processing your order.

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