Promar LED Glow Stick
Promar LED Light
Led Glow Stick Replaceable Batteries!

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Sale Price: $4.69
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Promar LED Light
Battery operated and replaceable LED glow sticks are just what the doctor ordered. Incased in a glow-in-the-dark housing, these chemical-free light sticks are not only practical and environmentally friendly, but they save money. Ideal for illuminating floats, boats, rod tips, and kayaks. They're also great for attaching to your person for increased visibility. The 5" sticks come in white and include 2 complete sets of batteries. Additional batteries can be purchased from a variety of retailers. No more cracking a bunch of sticks every night and every time you go bugging. The batteries typically last several trips since the lights are LED. Each light comes with spare batteries. After that, replacement batteries can be found at several retail stores (almost anywhere that sells small watch batteries). These lights work great and save a lot of money over a short time frame. These lights also have several other uses. Glow Sticks can sometimes break and make a big mess or even stain clothing. If you have a use for a glow stick, you have a use for these!

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